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What's this petition about?

JAWS: The Ride, a theme park ride that was introduced at Universal Studios (Orlando) in 1990, based of course on the classic film from 1975 of the same name, JAWS, directed by Steven Spielberg, starring Roy Scheider, and scored by John Williams. Sadly, the ride was closed in 2012 and replaced with a Harry Potter-themed ride.

The ride was open for about 20 years, and was enjoyed by many, although, not all of us got a chance to ride it before it was closed. This petition is to Universal Studios, Steven Spielberg, or anyone else that has any power or funding to make it happen, to bring back the ride. This isn't a request to revert the Harry Potter ride back, but to bring us an all-new, state-of-the-art ride, at any of Universal's US theme parks.

More about the ride itself.

When the ride originally opened in 1990, it was a completely different ride, that was later redesigned and eventually re-released in 1993. Despite it not working very well, in my opinion, the shark designs themselves were better, more realistic, accurate to the film, and therefore, scarier. Here's a rare glimpse at the original ride:

Here's a video of the very last ride, in its modern form, before being dismantled:

A more in-depth look into the history of the ride:

Additional resources:

There is such a wealth of knowledge about the ride, that it honestly needs a documentary.

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Halloween Love
As a child, I went to Universal Studios in Hollywood, and it's difficult to express just how excited I was to see the JAWS segment of the studio tour. Unfortunately, the shark was broken that day (classic Bruce). And Orlando closed down their ride before I got a chance to visit. Double :(

Sean Beard
I went on the Jaws Ride 25 times in one day the only time I was able to visit as a child in 1999. Bring it back, and i'll gladly go on 26 times next time I visit.

Martyn Stembridge
I experienced the ride back in the year 2000, during a six day vacation my best friend and I had in Florida. Being able to pretend we were within a JAWS movie for a few precious minutes was a thrill I'll never forget. Priceless memories of a special ride that SHOULD still be open.

megan owen

Best ride ever built at UOR

Richard Ioannou
We’re goimg to need a bigger ride

Nicole Villa
I have fond memories of this ride. Jaws is one of my all time favorite movies. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is amazing but I do think Universal needs to reopen this classic in a new area. Universal Studios isn’t the same without Jaws the Ride.

Scott Noble

Faith Vickers
They should also add a new one in Hollywood

Adam Falcon
I'm proud to say I did ride the jaws ride I think around 2007. Jaws is one of my all time favorite movies, I have a jaws tattoo and I am all for this new ride. Do it! Bring Bruce back!

Carolann Curry




John Squires
One of my fondest memories is finally experiencing the Jaws Ride with my dad, not long before it shut down. It breaks my heart that so many others will never have that experience.

Nicole Dante

I want jaws to live and eat ass again

Hannah Nassiry

Chris Dasinger

Kyle Fromm
I've never been to Universal Orlando, and the Jaws Amity Tour was the one ride that I I've written down as a MUST RIDE

Griffin Madill

Brandon Prince
Jaws is an extremely iconic Universal film that deserves its place in the parks. It's time for it to make a comeback!

Deanna Law
Bring back the Jaws ride!!!

We can live in hope 🙌

Hilda Garcia
Bring it back!!!!

Aaron Chapman

William M Moses
As a long time Universal Studio park attendant, I've seen a lot of beloved rides leave the park.   Jaws hurt the most, I get mysty eyed when I watch the Park Ride History episode.  Bring back Jaws.

John Henderson

Will Smith

scott JAWSride.net
Hey I would be happy with a smaller ride, as long as JAWS returns!!!

Joshua Mendez

Christopher Feliciano
Jaws? More like... the best attraction Universal has ever made haha got em!


Ethan Mills
We need it back

Fernando Vieira

Finn Ashby

Cliff Satter

JoAnn Firetti
I'm 71 years young.....PLEASE bring back JAWS and don't you dare think of doing away with ET!!!!!!

Nicholas Sherman
Being it back for me

Neil orr
Bring it back this was an amazing ride loved every minute of it

Jonathan Chavez

Philippe Duffy
Please bring it back!

Jake maida
Bring back my childhood

Logan Lewis

James Nesmith
I want to see this ride come back. It was/still is the image of Universal Studios. The Jaws ride is what made Universal Studios a hit. By far the most talked about ride ever. So why get rid of the one ride that put you on the map? Why not remake the Jaws movie and ride (It is long overdue).

Francisco Soler
I am a huge Jaws fan and it deeply saddens me that the Legendary Jaws ride is gone and I've never gotten to ride it. To this day, unless they bring back JAWS in some way, I'm never setting foot in Universal Orlando.

Eva Masillo

Evan Misinski

Jamie Christie

Dustin Anderson
Better not be a screen ride though!

Michael ashby
They should bring it back in epic universe


Gianna Galante
I miss the Jaws ride, Too. I would love to see a newer /revamped version of the ride, there’s so much they can do with a great and very active community. I’ve sent Universal some letters as to why they need to bring it back. They've announced that they’re opening a new park, Needs Jaws In it!!

Michael Dayton
I loved the Jaws ride at Universal Orlando. If King Kong can come back, why not Jaws? The perfect place for it would be either Toon Lagoon (kids aren't into Popeye or Dudley Do-Right anymore) or Lost Continet (There's nothing there anyway).

Jake Wayne Bates
Give me Jaws the ride or give me death

Josh Selvig

McCarty Bedell


John Wilkey
I want to ride the jaws ride at Universal Studios Orlando since I never got to

Joseph Lopez Makel
please Bring ride back because my mom and i loved it when we were kids!!!!

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Jeff Evans


Eddy Kelly
Please bring it back!  It was the best ride ever!